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NOTE: All cancellation requests must originate from the registered owner of the account.

To cancel your account, please use one of the following methods:

- Login to the myaccount area:
- Select "Services > My Services"
- Select the service you would like to cancel
- Click on arrow next to the "View Details button
- Select "Request Cancellation"

Alternately, you may request a cancellation as follows:

Login to the myaccount area:
Submit a support ticket to the billing department with the following information:

- The name of the domain account you wish to cancel.
- Your contact information
- Be sure to indicate when you would like the account to be cancelled
(e.g. - immediately, end of current billing cycle, etc.)

We will then stop your recurring payments and delete all files in your account according to the requested end date. 
If you can't provide us with the above information, we will not cancel any services.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make 100% sure that you have backed-up or downloaded all copies of all your files & e-mails before you submit a request for us to cancel your account. Back-ups can be made easily in your account cPanel.

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