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What happens if my credit card is rejected for recurring payments?

Your credit card is billed every 30 days for the amount of your plan. If an unsuccessful attempt to bill your credit card is made, you will be notified via email of the reason your payment failed and given a chance to fix the problem before the next attempted payment. Then another attempt is made to bill your credit card within a few days. If we are unable to successfully bill your credit card after 5 days, your account will be placed in suspension, until payment has been received or other arrangements are made. If payment has still not been made after 15 days from the billing due date, your account will be terminated from the server.

NOTE: We are human and understand that folks might run into difficulties with their payments from time to time. If you let us know that you're having some difficulties and work with us, we won't suspend your account. Work with us and keep us informed and we'll work with you ;-)

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