Trouble Sending or Receiving Attachments

Mail Box May Be Full

The Recipient's inbox may already be over quota and any incoming email or attachments may be rejected by the recipient's mailserver. Large attachments may also send the recipeint's inbox over quota. The email with the attachment may then be bounced back to the sender as undeliverable. Large attachments can also cause the recipient's email to hang when they attempt to download the message.

Large attachments can cause an inbox to lock and will hang downloading of messages. Attachments may also hang on sending, resulting in an undeliverable message or the message to be stuck in the outbox. Large attachments can also result in an over quota email box.

Is it a virus?

Our mail scanner will strip suspicious content from Email messages, and insert "{Virus?}" in the Subject line. It also adds an attachment to your message called "Zingserve-Attachment-Warning.txt". This file contains information from the mail scanner about what was stripped, why it was stripped, and where it has been quarantined on the mail server. It is safe to open this .txt file to read the content. If you need the stripped file retrieved please send us the content of our Zingserve-Attachment-Warning.txt with your request to retrieve the file. Please note: We do not take retrieval requests via the phone.

Our mail scanner scans all incoming & outgoing mail. However, we can not guarantee 100% protection for your computer. You should also run virus protection software on your computer, and keep the virus definitions up to date. We recommend checking for updates to your definitions at least every couple of days, and scanning your system every week. There are new viruses being released constantly, and updates to protect you from them.

Do not open the attachment without first determining that it is safe to open it. Make sure it is an attachment that you expected to receive from a trusted source. Files that end with .exe, .ini, .bat, .pif, .vbs are examples of executable files that can contain viruses, although they are sometimes legitimate.

* If the attachment is suspicious, delete it.

If the recipient is behind a firewall or using a Microsoft Exchange server configured to block attachments, sending and receiving attachments may be an issue. You can try changing the file extension from .xxx to .xx_ (use an underscore as the final character). Be sure to let the receipient know what to change the name back to.

Outlook virus protection strips attachments:

If you are using Outlook on Windows and cannot receive attachments, the virus protection feature may need to be adjusted.

Open Outlook, click Tools on the menu then select Options.

Click the Security tab and uncheck the "do not allow" box.

You won't be able to open the current attachments, but this will allow you to open any new attachments you receive.

Unable to view any html messages in Outlook:

Open Outlook, click Tools on the menu then select Options.

Click the Read tab and uncheck the box to "Read all messages in plain text".
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