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ZingServe is committed to a zero-tolerance, anti-Spamming policy. Under this policy, we prohibit Spam, or any unsolicited commercial email, from being sent either: over the ZingServe network, by customers or any other users of the ZingServe network (including customers' customers); AND/OR over ANY network— if the message sent advertises or mentions a site hosted on the ZingServe server.

Sending unsolicited commercial email (a.k.a. "Spam"), cross-posting messages to a large number of Usenet groups, posting obscene or threatening messages while using or referring to a ZingServe email address or web site URL is prohibited. The use of ZingServe servers as a mail drop for responses to activities described above is also prohibited.

We react quickly and seriously to violations, and we further reserve the right to terminate the services, without prior notice, of any customer disregarding this policy.

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