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In the ongoing fight against spam being sent via insecure formmail scripts, all formmail scripts that are installed in your accounts need to be renamed to something OTHER THAN the following:

* formmail.cgi
* formmail.pl
* formmail.php
* Formmail.cgi
* Formmail.pl
* Formmail.php
* FormMail.cgi
* FormMail.pl
* FormMail.php
* formMail.cgi
* formMail.pl
* formMail.php

Any URLs that contain the above common variations of formmail.* will be forwarded to a page stating that the script being referenced is disallowed.

This action is intended to prevent the potential scanning and exploitation of these scripts, which can lead to the black listing of IP's. While these steps make a significant difference, please remember to keep your scripts updated.

If you have any questions regarding this, please let us know.

Thank you.

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