Last week, the WordPress project issued an update that had a flaw in it. It was caught almost immediately and within a few hours a patch was released. As WordPress states in their blog the 4.9.3 release of WordPress “will cause sites that support automatic background updates to fail to update automatically, and will require action from you for it to be updated to 4.9.4."

Why is the 4.9.4 release so important? Updating to 4.9.4 is important, because it allows your site to get automatic security updates without any intervention from you. If you do not take action and update your site to 4.9.4, when new security patches are released, your site will remain vulnerable. It's for that reason that we're writing you today, because we believe it's critical to take action.

1. Log into your WordPress Administration area and under Dashboard > Updates, click "Update now."
2. You can manually use sFTP to download the latest version from and use sFTP to upload it to your site. (Be sure not to overwrite your wpconfig file or your /wp-content folder.)

Friday, February 16, 2018

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