Username & Password Issues

The following errors are mostly caused by an incorrect username and/or password when you try to download your email messages in your mail client:

Authorization Failed
Authentication Failed
The server has rejected your login

Test your username & password by logging into your mail account via Webmail - ( http://www. Your E-mail Username is your full E-mail address (lowercase letters only)
If you are able to log on to Webmail but cannot authenticate in your email client, the problem is in the email client.

Passwords are case sensitive. This is important if you used UPPER CASE letters when creating or changing your password. If your email client prompts you to re-enter the information, be sure to retype both the username and the password.

If retyping your username and password does not work and your email settings in the client are correct, you may need to remove and re-create the account in your email client. Please note: Removing an account will delete the messages that are in that account, so back up all your messages to a folder on the hard drive, or client before proceeding.

Your mail settings for your domain are:

Incoming Mail Server (POP3 / IMAP): mail.
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): mail.
Account/Username: your full email address (lowercase letters)

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